Our Recycling Partners - Thriv3 Group

We are partnered with Thriv3 Group, an initiative that recycles old fibreglass mannequins to make sustainable shop fitting panels. Proceeds go toward supporting our community & funding local charitable organisations within the UK. We see giving to charity as part of our company values and beliefs.

Thriv3Group for people, for planet, for progress…

Thriv3 Group

Do you work within the clothing & retail industry?

Ever considered what happens to your old fibreglass mannequins after they have had their day in the spotlight?

Tonnes of fibreglass waste reaches landfill each year. Clothing stores all over the world have broken and unused mannequins taking up storage space in their back of house areas and stockrooms

Thriv3group Recycling can help

Recycle it

By working with Thriv3group you can regain that space, preventing your old mannequins from reaching landfill & polluting our planet. We will transform them into a brand new reusable, sustainable material for manufacturing across a variety of industries.

Repurpose it

Each mannequin is stripped of all fittings and materials that can’t be processed, before arriving at the recycling plant. We use existing transport routes to reduce further carbon emissions. The mannequins are then recycled and ground down into fibres ready to be transformed.

Reuse it

These fibres are collected and reprocessed, creating a brand new sustainable material for use across many industries. The unique material can be made into new shop fittings, interiors and display products that are fully sustainable and can be recycled.

Circular economy

Preventing your old mannequins reaching landfill protects the future of our planet. By recycling that material and using it to manufacture new products we are engaging in a circular economy for the progress of our businesses. Profits from the sale of the new sustainable shop fittings are put back into supporting families within our communities who are suffering.

Hope House Children’s Hospice and other charities like this will benefit from vital funding created by you, through recycling your old fibreglass mannequins. Working together for our planet, our people, and our progress.

Hope House