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Telling a story with your window this Christmas

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

From the colours, and lighting, to the accessories and props used - carefully curated windows can tell a story, influencing a consumer’s psyche.

Shop windows are driven by the latest trends, seasons, or brand stories, which is what makes them resonate with customers in a meaningful way.

From the lights along bond street, or the giant mistletoe hung at Covent Garden, to Dolce and Gabbana’s Christmas holiday market… We have seen a massive amount of creativity this year across London.

We decided to pick three of our favourite window highlights (a hard task) to share with you, so grab a mince pie, pull up a chair, and tuck into the very best of this year’s Christmas windows.

Fortnum & Mason – ‘Festive Hiccups’

This iconic department store looks idyllic in the heart of Piccadilly; their famously Fortnum Façade has been transformed into an advent calendar, and its windows are filled with small Christmas moments each designed to tell a story.

From preparing a Christmas pudding or burning the mince pies to decorating a Christmas tree and rushing to find the perfect gift – the beautifully decorated windows articulate the anticipatory stages in the run up to Christmas.

The stories align with the count-down across the exterior of the windows, creating a fully aligned Christmas message that epitomises the busyness of getting ready for Christmas.

The brand is showing their consumers how their products can help ease the days that lead up to Christmas by offering the perfect gifts, food, and inspiration. This is reinforced across their social channels, with the accompanying message: “it wouldn’t be Christmas without the odd festive hiccup,” Fortnum and Masons are also making light of the odd merry mishap to bring joy to the city-dwellers who pass their windows.

Harrods – The Fabulous World of Dior

Partnering with Dior, this year Harrods has turned their store into a gingerbread wonderland.

The 44 different windows have been highlighted with detail that gives them an iced look, while the products behind the glass have been staged in context with gingerbread scenes and stories.

The magic goes beyond their magical window displays. In-store they have designed a Hansel and Gretel inspired café space alongside a free exhibition that offers visitors an immersive journey through Mr Christian Dior's world via intricate installations of his childhood home.

Photos show Mr Dior as a young boy dressed as a gingerbread man amongst miniatures of Dior gowns, dreaming of a future in fashion. And this dream has been captured with the wondrous windows that translate his childhood and future into reality.

This heritage-focused storytelling adds another layer of sentiment to their beautifully decorated store. Not only does it carry a visual impact but fosters a more emotive feeling as people are encouraged to explore the fabulous world of Dior and the story behind it.

Louis Vuitton X Lego

Louis Vuitton and Lego have joined forces to celebrate creativity, imagination and colour this Christmas.

Using Lego to construct festive scenes, the windows are both unique and visually enticing. And hey – nothing says Christmas like toys, so why not use them to construct an entire window display?

The use of Lego to bring Louis Vuitton’s Christmas vision to life also shows the limitless power of play, and imagination; nicely capturing the spirit of Christmas.

Wondering what is going to happen to these bricks of Lego when Christmas is over? Do not fret, Lego has decided to repurpose the toys used by donating them through local partnerships, allowing kids to be inspired to imagine all year round – not just at Christmas.

When it comes to visual merchandising we have years of experience. Using the right mannequins, knowing how to style them, and overall best practice are ways in which we can support you in elevating your displays. Get in touch to learn more about how we can guide you in creating an aspirational window, or in-store display.



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