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Sporting Mannequins – Nailing the Finer Details...

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

From swing tags and subtle wayfinding to the mannequins that brands use to bring their displays to life – paying attention to the smaller details has never been more important. It is with these decisive and considered strategies that brands will define meaningful value drivers in-store, which result in both more sales and more social shares.

Bespoke mannequins that capture the motion, and range of different sports available, allows customers to browse products in-situ, whilst exploring a range of different activities that they might be inspired to trial, or find out more about.

For sports brands in particular, bespoke mannequins that capture the motion, and variety of sports that exist, are fundamental elements of a retail display that help bring products to life, leaving customers inspired.

And what better opportunity to use bespoke mannequins for a sporting occasion than the World Cup?

The World Cup Kicks Off

With the World cup in full swing, retailers across the globe have curated displays in-store to generate excitement for fans decorating themselves in the merchandise of their chosen teams.

Our bespoke sporting mannequins were used to execute a Nike launch zone within four Sports Direct stores to celebrate the England home and away kit.

The mannequins featured in the above display effectively show off the sporting garments and how to style them, enabling customers to envision how different products come life when worn. In doing so, the mannequins add another layer of inspiration to the in-store customer journey.

Alongside inspiration – using mannequins in the context of the world cup for example, offers retailers an opportunity to lean into the anticipation surrounding this event- by providing eye-catching moments in-store for football fans to engage with and browse

Inclusive Sports Mannequins

Representing sport for everybody is crucial in the context of a growing desire for inclusivity, and diversity from consumers.

Taking the base body measurements of a Nike 365 athlete, MC Displays created a 3D visual to create a mould they could reuse to manufacture multiple mannequins. The result? A more inclusive, and relatable mannequin that could be used across different sporting displays to unify athletes who suffer from disabilities.

Having more inclusive mannequins in-store helps consumers at large feel more empowered and creates an example or standard for other brands to follow.

These Bespoke Sporting mannequins (are):

o Fully recyclable

o Inclusive

o Dynamically posed

o Include magnetic fittings for easy dressing

As well as indoor sports, sporting mannequins are available to capture the range of outdoor sports, too. Whether your products are made for the court, water, mountains or off-piste.

Key takeaways

-Using mannequins to display sportswear will inspire customers, allowing them to browse products more easily in-situ, as opposed to scaling endless hangers or aisles.

-Being able to see clothes dressed on mannequins that can perform a range of dynamic poses- enables customers to accurately define the fit, and style of any given product.

-Creating unique moments along the customer journey is a great way of creating added value in-store as more people crave and expect an experience from brands. A memorable retail display that is photo-worthy will boost its social shareability – helping drive footfall, and sales in-store.

-Looking ahead, as consumer’s expectations grow louder – brands that do not represent a more diverse audience will struggle to maintain relevance and will start to fall short in the eyes and hearts of their consumers.

Want to prepare for the next sports event, or season? Contact us to find out how to elevate your sporting displays with bespoke made, fully sustainable mannequins.

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