A vision became a reality when we designed a fully recyclable mannequin equipped with a running blade for Nike

We worked on several prosthetic options during our project with Nike and Sports Direct, creating sustainable mannequins to set the standard within retail.

Our winning design was a sight to behold. We were very proud to produce this prosthetic friendly pose equipped with a specially designed running blade. The female mannequin was launched at the reopening of the flagship store on Oxford Street this summer.

Both the mannequin and blade are fully recyclable, as are all the displays MC Displays produced for the sustainability-focused flagship.

Designing for the future of retail

The sustainability doesn't stop there...

Our mannequin is on a plinth made from the store's old, recycled mannequins. Joining forces with the team at THRIV3 GROUP and engaging in a circular economy, the store's old, fibreglass mannequins were recycled into new sustainable materials that came full circle. Panels of the unique sustainable material made from their recycled mannequins were used to create podiums, seating, and display points across the entire flagship store.

Our mannequin recycling service means that when the store has finished with them, we will collect them for recycling into new mannequins and use the material for other products and purposes, continuing the circular economy.

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